Dated: May 11, 2024
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Each solution is carefully engineered based on our design philosophy - the optimum of scalability, security, reliability and performance.


What is Providerfiles?

Providerfiles allows you to track all your EAP referrals on-line, in a secure, encrypted environment. Only you and your EAP have access to your client file information. No more having to stock EAP forms! EAPs that use this paperless system get their data quicker and process payments to you faster! Your EAP can authorize sessions on-line. In fact, you can request additional sessions on-line as well!

  • My Details –

Providerfiles allows your provider to login to the portal online and update their details such as license and liability insurance, clinical and billing addresses, specializations etc...

  • My Files –

Providers can accept or deny claims sent from your EAP. If accepted the EAP is notified. The provider enters in the session dates and details. All session info will then populate the EAP Expert database. The provider also has the option to request additional session or close the case.

  • My Messages –

Providers can receive messages from the EAP

  • My Services –

Providers can enter all organizational service and CISD details online

  • My Billing– –

NOW AVAILABLE!!! Providers can review payment status’ online!

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Provider On-Boarding

Have providers easily sign-up to your network online through Providerfiles.


Automatic Provider Credentialing

Providerfiles automatically alerts your network when either their license or liability insurance is 30 days and 1 day away from expiration.


Online Case Management

Send case authorizations to providers online. Providers can enter session details and close cases. All session and case details entered in Providerfiles, automatically syncs to your EAP Expert Database.


Organization Service Management

Send organization service and CISD authorizations to your providers to enter their service details online. All organization service details automatically sync to your database.

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Who We Are

EAP Expert Inc.'s staff have been in the Assistance Program industry since 1988. We are proud to be EAP professionals first, developers second. When we sell technology, our knowledge of the business is one of our major selling features!

We are an energetic organization with a distinct focus on the delivery of high-end EAP technological solutions for small to large EAP Companies (both internal and external) and Student Assistance Programs. Each solution is carefully engineered based on our design philosophy - the optimum of scalability, security, reliability and performance. To ensure this optimum is achieved, our specialists provide complete management of the entire technology integration process, from conception to implementation to "go-live" and beyond.

EAP Expert's solutions are designed and built to address your specific evolving needs. The building blocks of each integrated technological solution are services ranging from needs assessment and consulting to training and on-going technical support.

EAP Expert offers your business the advantages of cost savings, time-to-market, security, technical expertise, and optimal performance and advance reporting capabilities.

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